Friday, April 10, 2009

TOMATOES & companion plants.

I will be planting in my 2009 garden.

- Brandywine Pink 80 days. {indeterminate}
The most popular heirloom vegetable! A favorite of many gardeners, large fruit with superb flavor. A great potato-leafed variety from 1885!
Beautiful pink fruit up to 1-1/2 lbs. each!

Flame (Hillbilly)80-85 days. {indeterminate}
A huge, bi color heirloom, brilliant yellow color with red marbling. Very large with a rich, sweet flavor. Beautiful when sliced. An heirloom believed to be from West Virginia.

Gold Medal75-90 days. {Indeterminate}
The 1 lb fruit are among the smoothest bi colored tomatoes and are one of the most beautiful . Lovely yellow fruit are blushing with rosy red that radiates from the blossom end. The firm flesh is of superior quality, being sweet and mild. The low acid content makes them great for fresh eating. From the late, legendary seed collector, Ben Quisenberry.

Aunt Ruby's German Cherry Tomato {Determinate}
78 days-Here is a wonderfully cute, flavorful and unique green cherry tomato that was selected from the renown "Aunt Ruby's German Green". The 1-2 oz. fruit are shaped like little beefsteak tomatoes and have the full-sized tomato flavor packed into these bite-sized snacks. The plants produce loads of fruit, but some may still be red- colored, as this selection has not been fully stabilized yet. Rare and colorful.
Indeterminate tomatoes continue to grow, set fruit, and ripen continuously until a frost arrives. Also known as vining types, they require staking or other support
determinate tomatoes plants that are bushy, whose fruit ripen over a 3 to 4 week period, and generally do not need staking. Caging is usually recommended
companion plants.
TOMATOES: : asparagus, basil, bean, carrots, celery, chive, cucumber, garlic, head lettuce, marigold, mint, nasturtium, onion, parsley, pepper, marigold, pot marigold and sow thistle.
Tomatoes repel the asparagus beetle.
tomato plants can stunt the growth of your carrots but the carrots will still be of good flavor.
Basil repels flies and mosquitoes, improves growth and flavor.
Bee balm, chives and mint improve health and flavor.
Borage & nasturtium deters tomato worm & Borage improves growth and flavor.
Dill, until mature, improves growth and health, mature dill retards tomato growth.

Do Not plant: corn and tomato together they are attacked by the same worm. Kohlrabi stunts tomato growth.
Keep potatoes and tomatoes apart as they both can get early and late blight contaminating each other.
Keep cabbage and cauliflower away from them.
Don't plant them with in 100 feet of walnut trees as they will get walnut wilt: a disease that can affect many plants. I do not even compost my leaves because I have 3 walnut and 2 pecan trees in my yard. Click here to see information on walnut wilt

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