Sunday, April 12, 2009

Self watering containers

To start making self watering bottles take a empty clean soda or juice bottle, and make drain holes around the top. You may click on the photos to enlarge them.
Then cut the bottom off where it can be used as a cup.
I inserted Polly fill as a wick. Then I placed a bit of organic potting soil in the bottom.
This photo shows how it will sit in the cup it should touch the bottom.

I placed the plant I was transplanting in. When you have 2 seed that germinated. You can either cover over the weakest plant.

Or risk separation

The next 2 photos have what they look like complete.
They were buried deeper in the cup to form new roots.
I then place them in front of a window or under a grow light. Tomatoes are good at growing roots on there stem.
I am also experimenting with the Polly fill in the bottom of all the cups to see if the will self water. It has helped so far with keeping the seedlings alive. I can see the moister in the side of the cups.

This ideal came from Link to Inside Urban Green
The have lots of self watering ideals.
Upside down soda bottle

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