Potatoes (TPS)

Note as this list grows I will add things I do not have so I can refer to it for info. It is good to know if you have a diploid or tetraploid. As they can not cross breed. Some day I hope to have a complete list of info on all potatoes.

Tubers I have 

Name number skin Flesh harvest Ploidy 
1. Bora Valley /South Korea(eat raw) lg PI 634776 dark purple purple E-mid Tetraploid
2.Charlotte/UK/m-Lg PI 633606 Tan white E-mid Tetraploid
2. French fingerlings
4.(Roseval, Nosebag) sm-m

pink yellow m-late
5. Huagalina 
  Primitive cultivar (andigena)
PI 619141 yellow with red splashes yellow Very
6. Huckleberry A99326-1PY purple yellow Mid
115 days

7. Katahdin /USDA  1932
 Flowers are lilac with white tips. Pollen is abundant and fertile./ med
USDA 42667. brown white main season Tetraploid
8.Maris Piper  /UK /    PI 377745 Tan white early-mid Tetraploid
9. Muru TW B&W B&W Late Tetraploid
10. Pig Knuckles TW . Pink yellow and pink
11. Pokhipsie TW assorted
Red, yellow, and purple
12. Purple Peruvian   /s-m /white flower
purple purple e-late Tetra (male sterile)
13.Rose Finn Apple fingerling s-m
brown pink-yellow m-L
14 Ruby Crescent

15. Russian Banana Fingerling

16. Touch Down TW White White
17. Yukon gold /Canada in 1981 G6666-4Y. tan yellow early Tetraploid
18. Red Pontiac
red white early Tetraploid
19. Kennebec  /Usda1948/m-l 343046 brown white early Tetraploid
20. DESIREE /Netherlands/m-Lg PI 310467

21. Viking Purple
Purple with splash of pink white mid TetraploidMale sterile + female fertile

 TPS seed

1.Chiar Choque Pitu  PI 604207

2. E1 My Tater

3. TouchdownTW

4.Mt St HelenTW

5. Chaucha Amarilla
 (Solanum phureja)
CIP 706800YellowYellow
6. Purple Vally / South Korea/PI 634780purplepart purple

7. Tollocan    PeruPI 587067

8. Sarpa  Mira  /Hungary/m-lg
9. Poor dog mixed /lgTW/DS

10 Anna's Gold TWpinkyellow

11 white fingerling

12 Red tuber fingerling

13 Skagit Valley Gold TWYellowYellow

14 MuruTW

15 Merlot         Small /med
16.Papa coriollaSAyellowyellow

17. Big dogTW/DS

18. Shetland black  small
19. Mountain rose

20. Julie's

21. (Black Iresh potato), white flower dark stemTW

22.? unnamed

23. Magic Molly, large fingerling. (high on stalk.)Alaska purple purpleE OR lATE
24. Maca, not potato

25. Keuka Gold

26. Boyd dude x Mt. St. HelenTWredyellow
27 mix

28. Tetraploid mix

29. Satina LG                            German yellow       yellow  E-mid       T          
30. Red Thumb

31 Diploid mix

31 diploids unnamed

32. Dheera  (Bangladesh) Purple FlowersCIP385079.364YellowCreamLate
34. Azule Rose long/ s-medTWbluepurple/blue

35. Wild

36. Blue

37. Blue

38 Unknown

39. AG

40. Blue DollTWblueblue
41. Diamond Toro                      TW          Blue
blue/red      Late         T     

 Pig knuckle
Yukon gold
NoteS├írpo Mira  Solanum tuberosum originates from Hungary

Tetraploid Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)
Hawaiian sweetpotatoes.  

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