Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I think I get it now!

Thanks to Lunar Gardening Basics By Ellen Brown's web site.

For today
It is the day before the full moon so we are still in the Second Quarter Moon
which means , gravity starts to play less of a role, but the increased moonlight creates optimal conditions for leaf growth. This is a good time to plant crops that are harvested above ground, but form seeds inside their fruit (beans, melons, peppers, squash, tomatoes)

According to this calendar.
tropical zodiac . "Virgo changing into Libra today from April 8-10 Garden works with flowering plants," Them leaf plants com in on the 11 th.

the sidereal zodiac has Virgo only from April 8-10 : Garden works with root vegetables, compost works, transplanting, dunging, sowing the lawn. Flowers come into play on the 11 th.

Full Moon Tomorrow.
During a full moon, the gravitational pull is strong once again (increasing soil moisture), but the decreasing moonlight translates into focusing energy toward root growth. This makes the full moon phase ideal for planting root crops (carrots, onions, potatoes), planting bulbs and transplanting due to increased root growth.

You have to look at both the moon phase and the zodiac sign. It they don't agree. Then it is not a good time to plant. Like above Sidereal zodiac said root crop and moon is good for root growth so this the way to go.

The tropical zodiac has flowers so they will not do as well with the Full moon tomorrow being full.

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