Tuesday, October 14, 2008

pest control

In a small dish, place about equal parts dish soap and apple cider vinegar. Set it out, and watch the fruit flies collect! This ideal came form Melanie

Make you own Flea Collars

And now a treat for chocolate lovers.

Monday, October 13, 2008

How to can Apple jelly

How to can Apple jelly

Sunday, October 12, 2008

How to go green video

Simple ways to get started

Green garden

I started my garden by laying out newspaper you can also use cardboard to control the weeds. Add a layer of composted manure, topsoil, peat moss . I do not have a compost heap ready to use yet. But next year I will so it can be added to the layers. I also added dry grass. And topped with dry grass. and used coffee grounds to both fertilize and keep my cats from digging in the soil. The still wander the ground and keep bigger pest out of the garden but do not add there fertilizer to the ground. Whis is unwanted in the garden.

I added companion plants like Nasturtiums, marigolds, and cinnamon basil . To control unwanted insects that damage the veggies. The clover was allowed to grow and multiply as it added wanted nitrogen to the ground. Corn needs all it can get as it removes it from the soil.

Every little thing helps in one way or another.
It can be as simple as using cloth or paper bags
Or save on electric use by using compact florescent bulbs
I bought 2 chickens so I will have healthy eggs for my hubby
And will spend zero on gas to provide him with a good healthy breakfast.
I grew my own veggies with no pesticides or herbicides.
And it used no gas to go in my yard to pick fresh produce for use to eat this crop.
I recycled by using 5 gallon buckets headed for the trash from my local grocery store. I used them to grow some of my tomatoes upside down. All 6 of the buckets will fit on the 4x4s and I can put cross boards on the end if I want to expand and grow more in the sane amount of space. This way also keeps some pest from your plants.