Friday, April 3, 2009

Cauliflower cabbage

Date: 04 April 2009

today I started seed of

Ferry's round Dutch cabbage it is said to be 3-5 pounds vigorous plant.

Cauliflower Early snowball A it is a cool weather veggie too.

sidereal zodiac (Maria Thun)

The moon is 9 days old PhotobucketLeaf CancerCancer
Waxing gibbous

Cancer (water, feminine); Crab; Moon; Breast/Stomach; moist and fruitful Widely considered to be the most productive of all the signs and most frequently used for planting both above-ground and root crops. Plant seeds, transplant, irrigate, bud/graft. Asparagus, barley, beets, berries, bulbs, carrots, corn, lettuce, potatoes, roses, herbs, wheat, and deciduous trees do very well. Start compost heaps and worm farms when the moon is in the fourth quarter under Cancer.

Farmer Almanac tv said April 2-4 Plant tomatoes, beans, peppers, corn, cotton, and other above ground crops on these most fruitful days. Plant seed beds. Start flower gardens.

(Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, kale and kohlrabi)
Companions: Beet, celery, chard, cucumber, lettuce, onion, potato, spinach.

Chamomile and garlic improve growth and flavor.
Dill improves growth and health.
Kohlrabi and tomato stunt each other's growth.
Insect control
Catnip, hyssop, rosemary and sage deter cabbage moth.
Mint deters cabbage moth and ants, improves health and flavor.
Nasturtium deters bugs, beetles, aphids.
Southernwood deters cabbage moth, improves growth and flavor.
Tansy deters cabbage worm and cutworm.
Thyme deters cabbage worm.

2009 Astronomy Calendar of Celestial Events

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