Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Basic Lunar Moon Grardening

From the beginning of farming our ancestors used the moon phases tell them when to plant.  They split the cycle up into blocks of 7 days.

 Phase 1  Waxing Moon
For 7 days after the new moon gravity starts to pull up more water, along with more light from the moon. This will cause seed to swell and burst as gravity pulls up more water. The increasing light from the moon creates balance in the leaf and roots.  So this is best for Leaf plants
Phase 2 Waxing moon
Last7 days days of waxing moon
Gravity pull is less but light is stronger
This time is best for fruiting plants, trees do the best if planted 2 or 3 days before the full moon. 

At least 1/2 a day before and after, including the he day of the new and full moon. These days were considered baron. No planting

Phase 3 Waning moon
Gravity pull is high, causing more moisture in the soil. But moon light is decreasing pulling energy into he roots. .
Root crop, biennials, bulbs, transplants.
Phase 4  last week of waning moon
Rest, cultivate, harvest, transplant, mow grass.

Lunar calendar link.

Pot Belly Okra

I won a drawing from  Pecan Corners Youtube channel. I will receive seed for  "Pot Belly Okra"
 She said.
You can save the seed from this okra, in fact that is the only way to get it. There are no commercial sources - the lady I got it from died and even local people did not have it any more. Everyone forgot the work this man did, his family did not keep any of his records. So I started asking everyone around here, and picking up bits and pieces of info. Charles Wright was a Science teacher here, and he and his wife grew a huge garden for the community - they let everyone come and pick so people chipped in to help work it. This okra was also called "Pot Belly Okra" and when you grow it you will see why. It gets wider rather than long. It won't keep in the fridge, but if it is dry and kept where air can get to it, it will keep for several days. It holds a lot of water so if it is piled up on top of each other it will mold. It freezes well, and it cans well with tomatoes. I also canned some leftover gumbo with it and it held up very well.
It does have spines though so I wear gloves & long sleeves when I am gathering. As long as it snaps off the stalk it is good.For more information see her blog


 I have not found proof yet that this Okra is from the famous
Charles Wright (1811-1886) ; born at Wethersfield, Connecticut, a graduate of ... a land-surveyor and school-teacher, but devoting much time to botanical study
Book with Charles Write info
Wickpedia  Said he was never married and lived with his brother and sister at the end of his life.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

How to make your own grow bags

I am amazed at how easy it is to make my own grow bags. I made 6 a day the first 2 days and 9 yesterday. I can make at least 75 about 1 gallon size for about $10. They take about 5 minutes each to sew by hand.
Take a look at my video.