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Moon Signs for garden

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Astrological Moon Signs

Aries (fire, masculine); Ram; Mars; Head; dry and barren Not good for planting anything; good for cultivating, destroying noxious growth and pests, weeding and harvesting.

Taurus (earth, feminine); Bull; Venus; Neck/Throat; moist and fairly productive Plant root crops like potatoes & bulb plants;
plant flowers for hardiness, beans, cabbage, lettuce, onion sets, radish, turnip, leafy vegetables and hay; set out/plant peach, pear and plum trees; perform general garden maintenance.

Gemini (air, masculine); Twins; Mercury; Arms/Chest; dry and barren Not good for planting anything; good for cultivating, destroying noxious growth and pests, weeding and harvesting.

Cancer (water, feminine);productive
Crab; Moon; Breast in the old way like some farmers almanacs, it is not used for planting.Because this sign was above the waist.
But in the sidereal and biometric views it is widely considered to be the most productive of all the signs and most frequently used for planting both above-ground and root crops. Plant seeds, transplant, irrigate, bud/graft. Asparagus, barley, beets, berries, bulbs, carrots, corn, lettuce, potatoes, roses, herbs, wheat, and deciduous trees do very well.
Start compost heaps and worm farms when the moon is in the fourth quarter under Cancer.

Leo (fire, masculine); Lion; Sun; Heart/Back; the most barren and dry of all the signs No planting at all during this sign, ever. Exterminate weeds and noxious growth, harvest and cultivate.

Virgo (earth, feminine); Virgin; Mercury; Bowels; “Bloom Days”; moist but barren Good for destroying weeds and pests. Vegetables will not do well if planted in Virgo (big blooms, little ‘fruit’), but it is a good planting sign for most flowers and vines for large bloom yields. Don't plant vegetables or trees.

Libra (air, masculine); Balance; Venus; Kidneys; moist and semi-fertile Used for planting crops where good pulp growth and roots are desirable; another good sign for flowers and vines. Plant seeds for hay, corn, fodder, grain. Flowers, bulbs, barley, beans, beet, cabbage, carrot, peas, squash, tubers and vines.

Scorpio (water, feminine); Scorpion; Mars; Loins; very fruitful and moist Produces sturdy, reliable plants. Plant most vegetables and flowers for large yields; excellent time to plant beans, berries, cantaloupes, cauliflower, cereal, chicory, eggplant, peas, potatoes, pumpkin; do not dig potatoes during this sign.

Sagittarius (fire, masculine); Archer; Jupiter; Thighs;
Some say this is a good time to plant fiery, “hot” crops such as onions, garlic, peppers, chilies and radishes cultivate and harvest.used for planting both above-ground crop like tomato.

Capricorn (earth, feminine); Goat; Saturn; Knees; productive Good for most planting. Plant bulbs, potatoes, root crops, beans, cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, onion sets, radishes, flowers and fruit trees.

Aquarius (air, masculine); Waterman; Uranus; Legs/Ankles; another barren and dry sign Not good for planting anything; good for harvesting, cultivation and extermination of pests.

Pisces (water, feminine); Fish; Neptune; Feet; one of the most fertile signs A great time for planting most types of crops, including broccoli, bulbs, Brussels sprouts, carrots, celery, chicory, cress, cucumbers, endive, horseradish, parsley, peanuts, radishes, pumpkins, flowers (for abundance) and deciduous trees.

It is good to plant (below ground, or root crops) on good sign days during the last quarter of the moon,
*do not plant on the actual day the moon changes to/from any of the four quarters.
For example, if the moon goes full on the 22, you should not plant anything on that day, even though it is a "fruitful" sign.
And remember, if the moon is "growing up", plant things that "grow up", above the ground. When the moon is "shrinking", or "going down", plant things that grow below ground, like bulbs, potatoes and onions.
Butchering is usually done when the moon is waning in Scorpio
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See wickpedia for Sidereal astrology explained.
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