Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Who stole my broccoli?

I went out today to collect my first taste of fresh organic home grown Broccoli. 
But look. It is missing. 
Cut at almost 45 degree angles.
My cabbage leafs have holes started.
But the criminal is still on board. 
And no it is not the cabbage moth.

Baby Leopard slugs.are eating my Cabbage leafs in the photo above,
Leopard slugs in the photo below.
In the past I have tried the can of beer in a bowl trick and found it too much trouble. 
I have used the egg shells . Would love to pour salt on them. 
I did the rings of copper. But no longer have any copper to use.Penny's are not real copper any more so They do not send off enough charge to create a barer.  
But I am just going to pick them off. And tear off the lower leaves. Add ruff wood mulch.
Would also like to plant garlic bulbs beside the plant. We will see. 
The next photo has Elephant ear garlic  already near ready to bloom.

Could it be The teenage bunny rabbits  
They have been very active  in my yard. 
They are not even afraid of my cat.
Or could it be the ground hogs I evicted from under my home.?
Looks like this will be another year of famine.
I am pro organic and heirloom.

But will be forced to buy store bought broccoli again this year. 

I still have hope for the tomatoes and some of the other produce I planted.