Monday, January 11, 2010

Moon calander 2010

Please use this link to see updated calendars.
Thank you. 
I have done these 2 charts for the first 6 months of lunar gardening.
For those who are on the warm side of north America these will get you started.
I am in Missouri So I will start planting seeds indoors soon.
But we have been having sub zero temps.
So I did not even give a thought About the garden till I got and email.
Thanks for the reminder !
This is a basic planting guide it is color coded to tell you which form of plant to start.
The black above the color represents good days for transplanting.
I have not had time to do moon phases.
I am recovering from shingles.
This has taken a bite out of my energy.
So I hope I will be well enough to garden this year.

If you need the moon or zodiac signs click here for a north America calendar.