Friday, April 10, 2009

April moon chart

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Looks like April 22 is my day to garden .

I have chose to use these dates for moon planting this month.
it is a compromise between the diffrent date posted all over.
I would love to know if any one really knows what the right sign is for the moon.
I am in mid Missouri so this is the closest I can find for my area.

April 9 - Virgo
Full moon approx 11:56 central
April 10 - Virgo changing to Libra

April 11 - Libra Hi 63°F Lo 42°F

April 12 - Scorpio Libra changes to Scorpio Hi 58°F Lo 46°F Precip 50 % Waning Gibbous Moon
April 13 - Scorpio (water, feminine) Loins; very good for sturdy and reliable plants. vegetables and flowers for large yields; , I will plant cauliflower, broccoli . carrots.
Hi 52°F Lo 41°F Precip 40 %

April 14- Scorpio Hi 58°F Lo 43°F Precip 20 %
April 15 - Sagittarius (fire, masculine); Archer; Jupiter; Thighs;
onions, garlic, peppers, chilies and radishes Hi 67°FF Lo 47°F Precip 10 %
April 16 - Sagittarius Hi 60°F Lo 46°F Precip 40 %

April 17 - Capricorn*(earth, feminine); Goat; Saturn; Knees; productive Good for most planting. Plant bulbs, potatoes, root crops, beans, cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, onion sets, radishes, flowers and fruit trees
Cloudy with shower Low: 37 °F High: 55 °F Precip 40 %

Last quarter moon approx 10:36 am ct
April 18 -Capricorn Mostly Cloudy A shower in the afternoon Low: 32 °F High: 61
April 19 - Capricorn changing to Aquarius Hi 58°F Lo 43°F° Precip 20 %
April 20 - Aquarius Flowering plants.Hi 62°F Lo 43°F° Precip 60 %
April 21 - Aquarius Hi 68°F Lo 43°F° Precip 20 %
April 22 - Pisces (water, feminine); Fish; Neptune; Feet; one of the most fertile signs A great time for planting most types of crops, including broccoli, bulbs, Brussels sprouts, carrots, celery, chicory, cress, cucumbers, endive, horseradish, parsley, peanuts, radishes, pumpkins, flowers (for abundance) and deciduous trees.
Biodynamic gardeners plant most flower, fruit and vegetable seeds two days prior to a new moon. This is considered the ideal time because light and gravitational conditions during seven days following new moon become increasingly favorable for the development of roots and plant foliage. The moon shines a bit brighter and lunar gravity increases a little each day giving young plants an early boost.
Weather Mostly sunny and colder Low: 39 °F High: 57 °F Avg Hi 68°F Lo 43°F°
April 23 - Pisces
April 24 - Pisces new moon approx 12:23 pm ct

April 25 - Aries (fire, masculine); Ram; Mars; Head; dry and barren Not good for planting anything; good for cultivating, destroying noxious growth and pests, weeding and harvesting.

April 26 - Aries
April 27 - Gemini (air, masculine); Twins; Mercury; Arms/Chest; dry and barren Not good for planting anything; good for cultivating, destroying noxious growth and pests, weeding and harvesting.
April 28 - Gemini
April 29 - Gemini changing to Cancer
April 30 - Cancer (water, feminine); Crab; Moon; in the old ways my Aunt used it is not a sign used for planting. But in the biometric ways and sild real ways it is the most fertile sign.

Wisdom from my elders.
According to my Aunt in WV They used these old rules to plant by.

Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces are good planting signs,
Aries Gemini Leo Cancer Taurus Libra Virgo not good.
Plant underground root plant during the dark of the moon.
Plant above ground crop like tomatoes in the light of the moon.
Do not plant in full moon.
Planting with Pisces Yields twice the crop
Leo plants will die if damaged in this sign.
Virgo crop will be diseased if damage in this sign.

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