Thursday, May 9, 2013

Broccoli. cabbage, megshift greeen house

Starting on the left side of photo. I planted spinach seed. next row to the right yellow onion sets are up about 2 inches. Yesterday I was able to try out my new mini tiller. I put in 6 cabbage plants. 3 were planted with composted manure. And 3 with mushroom.compost. Row 4, I planted 6 broccoli,  using composted mushroom. Row 5, I planted 6 broccoli with composted manure added to the soil. I hope to compare and see if there is any difference in growth or outcome. I have never used mushroom compost before.
With all the rain and cold. I had to add plastic to the tomato area. It looks like it is working. The tomatoes still look good. I hope to prevent early blight by not letting the plants be hit by way too much rain.
I had a bit of help from my oldest grandson. We dug a trench and placed red potato cuttings, in a 12 foot row. I added a mix of topsoil and manure, to cover. After I see growth I will keep adding more soil mix and straw. till I end up with a mound of dirt.
This is an overview of the tomatoes This was a quick easy meg shift green house. I took aluminum wire. Like balling wire. ran it between the fence poles. Halfway up on outer sides.And near the top on the middle post.I used painters plastic tarps from a roll. They are 10x10.. I used duct tape to reinforce the seam in the middle. To make it 20x10. I used 2, 20x10  to cover the 12x 8 area. The rain did bring some parts to the ground safely. This helped to keep the plastic from blowing off. I used wood boards and garden tools to hold the sided to the ground.. It is not pretty. But it saved the plants. And held up better than a green house I built with pvc. And way less money spent this way.
If it ever stops raining long enough, I will add cardboard or news papers to the path between the rows.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Video Update Number 1

This is my first video of 2013
I can not till and do a traditional garden this year.
 So I will be trying  different ways to make it easier for me to garden
with back pain, from a past injury.