Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tomato update 1

Tomato seeds were started March 5, 2009
Peat pods were used with tooth picks inserted to keep the plastic bags up.
All these seeds were started the same time. Some how they did not all sprout at the same time. And too many seeds were place in each pod. I think all the seed germinated. next time only 1 seed per a pot and no more peat pods will be used. There root system is way too small. I do not have the heart to destroy any of them so I separated them. and transplanted them today. I only did a few as it is not to be done so close to a full moon. According to the moon garden guide lines. So we will see if this is true. I will wait till the 11 th to do more. The 15th is the next day to work with tomatoes. But they can not wait that long.
This photo shows the new seeds I planted in small cups. They are growing by leaps and bounds. They were planted on March 29, 09 3 days after the new moon. So the garden by the moon calendar was right on this one. I planted Cabbage tree from Carla. Thank you Carla !
Lemon & Crystal apple chuke's , Ananas D' Amerique mellons. and Sugar baby water melon. I have them setting close to the base board electric heater to warm them. Some people use a heating pad to do this.
MELONS: Companions: Corn, pumpkin, radish and squash. Other suggested helpers for melons are as follows: Marigold deters beetles, nasturtium deters bugs and beetles. Oregano provides general pest protection.
After removing the tomatoes from the plactic bags this photo shows all 3 staged of replanting they have gone through. Note: They are all place at a south facing window.
Step 1 was to insert peat pod in a cup.when they are at this stage.
Step 2 transplant up to in larger container and cover with dirt up to the red line.
I am using soda bottles that will be self watering. I first insert the batting used for pillows. into the bottom of the cut off bottle. It will act as a wick. I them place dirt in and the plant. The bottom that was cut off will be used under it to hold water. I will do another post to show you more.
This is a closer look at what they should look like after transplanting them to the red line in the upper photo..
Moon garden for

Date: 08 April 2009

Contradictions! How do you know which is right, 3 sources each are split between the 2 Libra and Virgo ?
Up date I found Libra is a tropical zodiac
and Virgo is a sidereal zodiac
So depending on which form of lunar gardening you use the sign will guide you.

Moon at 4°10' Libra,

The moon is 13 days old PhotobucketRoot virgo Pictures, Images and Photos
Waxing gibbous

Virgo (earth, feminine); Virgin; Mercury; Bowels; “Bloom Days”; moist but barren Good for destroying weeds and pests. Vegetables will not do well if planted in Virgo (big blooms, little ‘fruit’), but it is a good planting sign for most flowers and vines for large bloom yields. Don't plant vegetables or trees.

Libra (air, masculine); Balance; Venus; Kidneys; moist and semi-fertile Used for planting crops where good pulp growth and roots are desirable; another good sign for flowers and vines. Plant seeds for hay, corn, fodder, grain. Flowers, bulbs, barley, beans, beet, cabbage, carrot, peas, squash, tubers and vines.


Wendy said...

Wow! You certainly have done a lot of work! Your plants look so healthy. I hope you'll post some pics of juicy red ripe tomatoes when they're ready.

Carla said...

ok, lots in this post. Love your self-watering idea, I'll read more about it when I get to that post.