Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Carrot, St. Valery

Carrot, St.Valery

Carrot, St. Valery

Introduced in 1885. James Vick & Sons Company of Rochester, New York reported in 1924 that St. Valery is a large handsome variety with bright red-orange roots;crop carrot....Enormously productive. Very desirable for private gardens as well as for markets." Roots are 8-10" long, & 2"-3" in diameter. Sweet & tender. fine-grained, excellent for storage. 50-80 days.

Use of them is considered Rare.
Early sowings can be made 2-3 weeks before spring’s last frost date. The tiny seeds should be surface-sown and not covered, or covered only minimally, and kept uniformly moist until seedlings are strong. May be sown throughout spring and summer at 2-3 week intervals, until about a month before first frost in autumn.

GROWING TIPS: Carrots have a very tiny seed and high germination. Thinning can disturb the root structure, so you will achieve the best results by adequately spacing seeds when initially planted and re-sow to fill any gaps (which will give you a nicely staggered crop).