Monday, November 10, 2014

Potatoes in the garden

This year I grew  Yukon gold and Red Pontiac potatoes. I used the raised hugalkuture bed, topsoil bags and grow bags of sorts. The Yukon gold did not do well with all the rain we had. The red did well. I learned you get larger tubers and health was good in the ground verses the bags.
But I will try some different types of bags next year.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My winter window garden

It is such a joy to have the garden come inside with you for the winter. Even if it is only a few things. It keeps spring alive year round. And takes away the winter blues.
I have shelves up to keep the cats happy. Reba likes to check on the plants every day. She some times nips on the pineapple leaf. But no harm is done. I have plans for this window. it will be made about 4 inches deeper.
This is a rose bush cutting. I have it in a cup with some weeping willow branches broke up to create a rooting hormone. It is doing well. But no sign of roots yet.
This rose cutting was in water with the one above and then placed in this cup with willow water to wet the soil. It is alive but the leaves are not so happy.
This is a cranberry bean plant. Only 4-5 weeks old. And beans are growing on it. Yea! This one is as long as my finger. Did you know beans are able to self-pollinate?
This is a leek. i bought it at the grocery.I put it in the container with water for a week. Then added peat moss and vermiculite. Now a week later. It is starting to regrow.
I was giving up hope on this one. I planted seeds for pawpaw trees the end of July. I thought they were not going to sprout. So the sat on a shelf in the kitchen away from the window. They were covered in plastic like the photo below. I glanced at them yesterday. Surprised to find this on almost as tall as my finger. :) So today the cover comes off. And it will be re potted to a deeper container. So the tap root can get longer.  
The plant in the water to the left is an avocado pit. It has taken over  4 months for it to sprout a tap root. And 2 months more to get a stem to pop up less than 1 inch tall. I was about to give up hope on it too. But soon it will be put in a pot of soil too. So the window is happy for now.
Thanks for visiting my window garden.