Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Growing Oca in summer heat

This is an experiment to see if
1. Oca can grow in my climate
2. Be planted late in the season 
The Oca has been in the 4 inch pots for a week now.
They were started indoors.Then places in filtered shade a few days.
 I have place them in the sun for a little bit yesterday. temps were 84° | 64° no rain. Some showed signs that they needed back in the shade. I am hardening them off, as if it were still spring.
This would have been easier if I could have started them inside in March.
But this is summer. So I have to re-think how to get them to adapt to heat. 

(Oc-14x11x16) (OC-14-1x15x14) ( OC-14-1x14x8) 2x (OC-14-1x16x14) ( OC-14-1x10x10)
I planted 6 of them that have roots but no top growth as yet. The first one bottom left, (OC14-1x11x16) was a brown dry tuber and has no signs of life. So I may only have 1 plant of this variety. This is a full sun location.  I prepared the bed far in advance. It had compost that developed in the bed. Lots of  good material. The bed was starting to grow things on its own. A potato peel from food scraps formed 2 plants it the top left corner. Right edge has 3 Physalis peruviana plants, and 1 watermelon in the top right corner.  I planted some in the soil outside of the potato garden. The ones that looked like they were fine with the sun and heat of the day. I moved the rest back into the shade.

OC14 1x11x16

OC14- 1x14x 8
The 6 outside of the potato garden

  I still have 13 to plant in the ground.

I will post more photos soon.

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