Tuesday, July 7, 2015

True potato seed berrys

I have 1 small berry that fell off of a sister plant to the top berry in my hand. The top berry is still growing on the vine. What is amazing is one looks like a Diploid shape. The other a tetraploid (round shape)
This 2nd photo both berry's are from the same plant. Yet one has the round shape, the other a strawberry like shape. 
The plants have smaller and less fleshy leaves, like other diploid types of potatoes. They have dark wood looking stems.The leaves also have deep veins and the color of purple shows up in them. It is a beautiful plant.
 The berry still attached in photo number 1 above is from the plant on the left. The other 2 berry's in the 2nd photo above are from the plant on the right.
 This is the only other plant that was in bloom at the time So it may be the pollen partner to the  round berry. I did try to cross the 2 pants. But not sure if this was the result. We had so much rain I only had 2 tries at pollination,. I did a cross with the center plant to the left one. above And  this lighter color flower below to the right plant. .
This is what the plants  look like now..The stems have been pushed to the ground by wind and rain. They are still growing. So I have hope the tubers will continue to grow under the soil.
I have video recorded the 2 times I tried to cross pollinate the plants. but have not put them together yet. I will post a link to it when I do. 

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