Wednesday, June 24, 2015

2 days in soil Oca has roots

I planted the Oca in the 4 inch pots on June 22 I checked plant number OC 14-1x16x14 red t has roots started.This tuber was fully covered with potting soil.
Where some of the others were placed with some of the growing out of the soil.
I wanted to compare the difference.  To see if the stem would green up and form leaves. Or just send up new shoots. I have left the tubers attached to all stems that were already growing, when I received them. The soil is moist and watered from the bottom. I did add some water to the top after planting them. As it did not wick up fast enough to moisten the soil. I have a grow light above them and south window. I will place them in so Sun outside tomorrow if we have a clear day. Today was no rain for the first time in a while. I should start writing and recording every day. But it takes a bit of discipline to form a habit. 
I will list now what I have received with links to more info to refer back to.
Black flat has
3 tubers where all the others have 2
1.(3) OC-14-1x14x8
2. Oc-14x11x16
3. OC-14-2x08x05
4.  OC-14-1x10x15
5.  OC-14-1x15x14
6.  OC-LG-13-2x5   large
7. Oc14-1x23x8
Container 2
8. OC-14-1x13x8
 9. OC-14-1x23x8
10.  OC-LG-13-2x2
 Container 3
11. OC-14-1x10x10
12. OC-14-1x15x2
13. OC-14-1x16x14 Red

Link to more info
 Growing details
Where to plant
Oca prefers a cool, maritime climate, where it should be planted in full sun.  Although oca can tolerate some drought, best yields are achieved with plenty of water.  Oca will do better in partial shade where temperatures frequently exceed 80 degrees F.  With some shade, oca may be able to tolerate temperatures up to 100F, at least for short periods of time.  Low spots, protected from wind, that stay damp but don’t pool are particularly good places to grow oca.  Almost any plot of decent garden soil will suffice.  Oca prefers moderately acidic soils (pH 5.5 to 7) and will tolerate very acidic soil
It is best not to plant Oca, potatoes, and Ulluco in the same ground (without rotating to other crops first) because they have some common diseases.

 Plant whole tubers and seed pieces about 2-3″ deep In-row spacing of 18 inches works very well.  48″ row spacing will leave a comfortable walkway.  36″ between rows will usually leave just a little walking space in between.  24″ between rows will form a dense, unbroken canopy.
Note: Dormancy is similar to potato and runs anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, with most clocking in at about 14 weeks. Cold storage can extend the dormancy period greatly - up to a year in some varieties.

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