Wednesday, May 27, 2009

June planting calendar

This is the moon calendar I am using for the month of July 2009
I have color coded it as to fruit flower root & leaf to plant on what day.
on day like the 4 th this day is good for fruit flowers and roots.
on the 13 The ^ root in the morning changing to flower in the evening.
the 18th is leaf am fruit pm.
Refer to my companion guide to see which veggie fall into each category.
Like tomato & corn are fruit.
Trees are planted according to leave, fruit or root.
As in you plant an apple or oak tree in on a fruit day.
Willows on leaf, and maple on root.


peppylady said...

Planted some vine crops after work.
I just blogged about storing food.

Coffee is on.

littlefish said...

muchas gracias granny for the calendar.

found it at 10 p.m. last night.
had 10 seeds planted by midnight.

can't miss such a fortuitous moon...