Monday, May 4, 2009

How to find the right sign

The above chart shows how the tropical and side real are a bit diffrent.
Most days they are the same shown in the gray area, but they change on diffrent days so this explains why so many places have diffrent signs for the same day. Or they are in North verses south hemisphere.
The Almanac said today is Virgo { A moist, barren earth sign. Good for plowing, cultivating, weeding and destroying pests{

sidereal zodiac (Maria Thun)
today is Leo changing to Virgo
{Garden works with root vegetables, compost works, transplanting, dunging, sowing the lawn, hairdressing fortunately}

tropical zodiac Virgo was 1/2 a day Sunday and tomorrow 1.2 a day changing to Libra.

To find the correct zodiac sign for your area go
You can use this for free online. After you set it up for your time zone
click on the Ecliptic tab to show where the moon is in the sky.
Here is an example the moon is in Virgo.

The Lunar planting calendar for this month is located at the bottom of the page.

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