Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Seed potatoes to grow in 2016

Blue and white potatoes, patterns of splashes. Will segregate for white flesh or partially blue flesh. Good blight resistance
Huagalina   PI 619141 Peru
Tetraploid. Very late maturity (probably has some day-length sensitivity). Tiny, yellow with red splashes, yellow flesh. 

Tetraploid. Round white, flavor typical of a commercial potato

Touch Down 
Tetraploid. White skin, white flesh, descended from a high-flavored line

Pig Knuckles:
Tetraploid. Pink skin with yellow and pink flesh. Some frost resistance in the tubers.
Variable shape and colors. Red, yellow, and purple with assorted flesh colors. Diploid.

Maris Piper
 GRIN: PI 377745
 Floury white-fleshed potato. Sets tuber high. early-mid season
Bora Valley
GRIN: PI 634776
 medium-late maturing potato cultivar with purple skin and flesh color, good processing quality, and excellent stability. It has medium plant height and dark foliage. ‘Bora Valley’ has a profuse flowering habit and light purple flowers. Tubers have smooth skin, round, with medium eye depth, and short to medium dormancy. It has stable yield under wide range of climatic conditions. This variety is grown in Korea for raw eating - NOT a cooking potato

TPS seeds for 2016

Pig knuckle  purple berry
Yukon gold
Huagalina PI 619141 Peru

Chaucha Amarilla CIP 703308  Peru (Open pollinated)  Genus Solanum, Species phureja


Tollocan  (Tom Wagner)
yellow skin and flesh 
seedling of Tollocan Fiesta

white Fingerling

Red tuber fingerling

Chiar Choque Pitu PI 604207 (Bolivia) (BE-4832 < Other names> Q 30933 )
 female parent is a S. x curtilobum, a pentaploid, so ploidy of the progeny is probably variable. [60 chromosomes instead of 48].

Late harvest
Tetra mix, White- tuber/flesh/flowers

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