Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Growing Glass Gem corn to harvest for seed.

With all the rain we had in Missouri, this year corn was not easy to grow. At the grocery store they want $3.99 for 3 ears. That is proof to me I am not alone in losing my yellow corn. But I waited till later i the summer and planted a few kernels of Glass gem. I had 3 ears grow. Today I had to pull them off. Rain and cold were getting to them. But I should have enough to save for seed to plant next year. 
I find some of the kernels have cracked and look like they were starting to pop.
This is from the outer shell drying up and the inside decided to try and grow some more. Like when tomatoes crack. It is the added water and growing temp returned for a few days. The plants are confused this year. Too hot or too cold. Up and down. But I have these hanging upside down in the house right now. I think they are dry enough but want to make sure before I remove them from the cob.
I really wish I had enough to try popcorn. The ones that have been cracked can still be used for corn meal, But they would not have internal pressure to build up inside of the kernel to create popcorn. I have read you can eat this corn as sweet corn only at a limited amount of time when it is in the milk stage of growth. This corn takes 105 days to mature for dry corn.

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