Monday, July 20, 2015

Harvesting Cranberry beans and Dwarf Grey sugar peas

I am saving seed from both of these plants. So this is more of a how to collect seed to regrow them both. But the Cranberry beans could just be saved to eat as a dry bean in this form too.  could have just picked the cranberry bean at early stage and cooked it like green beans. The same for the peas. They are both a 60-65 day from seed to harvest plant. The cranberry bean needs no stakes. The dwarf gray needs a short 3-4 fence to lean on. Or it will fall in wind or rain.

Yesterday I replanted the cranberry beans. I have about 14 pea seeds in water. I am soaking them about 24 hours to help break there dormancy. They can take 10 days to 2 weeks to sprout. They have a hard seed coating. Where the Cranberry beans were sprouting in the pod at the time of harvest. That made me wonder if they would be good to save for seed. I did not want to chance. But I will save some to see if the will grow next spring. But this way I get 2 crops. ! for seed the other for food and seed.


angela said...

You are doing so good in the garden. Will you be preserving some of the harvest to have during the winter

Grammy said...

Thank you, Angela. When this2nd crop harvests. I will eat some and save some to replant next spring.