Thursday, July 9, 2015

Phaseolus coccineus ( Black Coat Scarlet Runner Bean )

I finally have beans growing on the vines. The Black Coat Scarlet Runner Beans are beautiful! many blooms. But with all the rain this year, in Missouri. There was not much chance to have bee's or humming birds get this plant pollinated. They have to go deep into the plant to find the anthers and stamen. It would be difficult to hand pollinate. But I may try a small paint brush. When we have another dry day. I  should have kept track of temp and rain amounts. But I can just look them up. Today right now it is raining again. 71f & 83% humidity. High for the day was 77f.

I have read this plant is affected by temps over 90. So far we have only seen 3 or 6 days this high. But have them in future forecasts. So, I can only hope I have an abundant harvest.

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