Monday, June 29, 2009

July Garden Activities

Harvest black berry's.
Enjoy fresh salads
Pull up garlic bulbs when the tops start to yellow and dry. Do not wait until the leaves are completely dry or storage life may be shortened
Keep beans, cucumbers and other crops harvested so plants remain productive.

This is the height of weed season. It’s easier to control a small weed than a large weed. Organic or plastic mulches can help you keep weeds under control.
Water you garden as needed. This can be the start of the driest part of summer. Plants need at least one inch of water a week.

Remove any stagnant water to avoid mosquito problems. Consider flowerpots, gutters and birdbaths.

Watch for insect and disease problems with all crops
Watch for tomato hornworm on tomatoes and peppers. Remove by handpicking.
Inspect squash plants for the presence of egg-laying black and red squash vine borer moths. Stems may be protected from egg-laying by wrapping them in foil or old nylon stockings, or by placing a cardboard collar close around the base of plants. Row covers can also provide protection until plants start blooming. Otherwise, dust or spray the bases of plants with organic insecticide to kill hatched larvae before they tunnel into the stems

Side dress vegetables such as corn or tomatoes as they start to set fruit.You can use compost or manure. Coffee grounds, etc.

- Plant fall garden beets, broccoli, beans, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots and cucumbers.

Deadhead perennials as they finish blooming.

Mow high for season. Long grass blades shade the ground and reduce soil water loss.

After strawberry harvest is complete, be sure to renovate the bed by mowing all the tops off, fertilizing and rototill to narrow the rows.

Enjoy the beginning of your your harvest.
BBQ and have fun with the family & friends.

Sit back and enjoy your flower garden

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