Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Self watering bucket

I recieved some more tomatoes from my daughter. So I built another self watering container from a food grade bucket and a strainer I bought fo a dollar. I placed 4 screws around the outside to hold the strainer in place. Then inserted the basket and drilled the screws in deeper. I added water to the bucket the organic potting soil.
I removed the bottom leaves as they were dammaged. I placed the plant to the area with the arrow in the photo. This will develope more roots and make the plant healthyer,
I added a top layer of composted manure and filled it to the top with more organig potting mix. I will then cover it with red plastic to hold in the moisture. And add a stake or cage to the top. This will suport the plant as it growes. I drilled a hole about 2 inckes below the screws this will act as an over flow and O will use a bendable funnel to fill the bucked.
The water over flow is at the red arrow.

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Tante Tuut said...

Very good instructions! Thank you very much!