Thursday, July 2, 2009


This is my first hypertufa project.

It will not turn out facing down like you see in the photo.
I will use this one as a cast to get others to face down later.
This will flip over and be a solar light holder and a bird feeder.
Maybe even a bird bath. all in one.
The leaves are from my Kossa regal & sum and substance hosta's
The orange cone will make the mold for the base.

This is the finished product all I have to do now is place the cone on to to indent it and cover it with plastic for a few day, the I can unmold it. and let it cure for a month or so. I had enough left over to make a gnome door and the bottom of a mushroom.
I used 6 16oz drink cups of both sand and Portland cement. 2 cups of peat moss and 3-4 cup water. We will see if I made this to thick. My supply's below cost a total of $41.90. So I will later find out how much this cost me to make. I already had concrete tool. rubber gloves and reused my containers.
Click here to see more recipes and video on how to do this.


Sue said...

Grammy, are you out stealing orange cones??? Are you going to start a wave of people stealing cones??? You're a troublemaker, aren't you????

Grammy said...

Hi Sue, Thanks for stopping by. The orange cones are ones they were throwing away at my hubby work years ago. Hubby don't like to throw away any thing lol. So he uses them in the winter to find the drive way.

Anonymous said...

How on earth have I missed this blog? I can't wait to go back through all the pages! I'm going to send it to my hubby as well. I know he'll love all the self-watering ideas!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I forgot to change accounts (that's what happens when you have google mail, but sign into your blog with a different email address, lol!).

This is Mrs. B. from Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom! ;O)

MyJourneyBack said...

Oh how cool. I can't wait to see the finished product.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a great 4th.

Nava Raghuram said...

Want to see the finished one

Grammy said...
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