Sunday, June 21, 2009

POW WOW photo's

I was amazed to see a star still visible in the sky at sunrise this morning.
Click on photo's to enlarge.
It is below the top line in the photo.
We joined in on the annual pow wow by my home last night.
My pow wow photo's were a surprise to me.
I have other video's taken with the same camera on my other blog
The empty nester
But they are not so abstract.
These 2 turned out a bit magical looking
Like capturing the spirit of the dance.
They remind me of art rather than blur.
The grass sparkled with droplets of water all night last night.

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beckie said...

Grammy, what a gorgeous early morning it looks like there. I am often amazed at how long you can continue to see stars after daylight begins. Looks like a festival of some kind going on. Hope you are having a great day.