Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tiny harvest

The first day of summer brought in my first harvest.
There is only 2 of us now so this will do.
I will add potatoes and bacon and make this a soup.
I was up all night and waiting for the sun rise on the first day of summer.
I have to learn to rejoice in this event as I am a spring person.
The heat of the summer is hard for me.
So I will try really hard this year to overcome and have fun.

You can see the sparkle of water droplets in the grass tonight.
My cat Reba above was out with me to harvest this morning.
She and Crash in the photo below, are the guardians of the yard.

I am finally learning to take better night photos.
All I did was lighten them up a bit.

I have Loosestrife 'Firecracker' (Lysimachia ciliata 'Firecracker')
It has the yellow flower to the left of the photo.
Center in ball form is Elephant Ear Garlic
Right is Hosta Abiqua Drinking Gourd'


Sue said...

My mom used to make that soup....I had forgotten all about it. It was really good, and simple.

Mel said...

What a gorgeous (and bountiful!) garden you have!!

Mel said...

..and...I know what you mean about summer heat - not a huge fan either -- although its not the heat, its the humidity..;)


miss*R said...

I don't do well in the heat either.. here in Australia, we have dreadfully hot summers and all I seem to do is complain about it!
love your first summer harvest! well done!