Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What to do with berrys growing on your potato plant.

I have seen so many post on Face book, saying.
What are these ball's or berry's on my potato plant?
They are fruit like, you would find on a tomato or egg plant.
Tomatoes and potatoes and egg plants are all in the Nigh shade family.

I see people reply to them. It is Poisson or toxic berry's. 
Yes, they are right. They are not food to eat. There only purpose is to produce seed to grow new potato plants. That is how we get new variety's.
Please do not destroy them. Give them to someone who wants to save the seed from them. Many times I want to write. SEND THEM TO ME! LOL :)

The purple flower in this photo created my first berry this past summer.
This post will not deal with potato breeding. Just what to do with the berry's

1. Let them stay on the plant as long as possible.
2. If the are not soft like a tomato, store them in a paper bag, or let them sit on a window sill to continue to ripen.

How to process the True potato seeds (TPS) 
I will include a video and photos here to show you what I did with today's ripe berry's. I have also done one in the past with an over ripe berry. I will add that one on here too. 
 This is what you need, ripe berry's, knife to cut open, a container to soak the seed in, yeast to help remove the gel coating on the seed
 The berry's in the photo show different stages of ripeness. The darker the color and harder the berry the fresher it is. The lighter the color and softer it becomes the ripper is it. You want ripe seed,
 Like most tomatoes, the berry has seed on each side of a center cavity. The outer skin will come off easy. But all you want is to squeeze out the seed. removing it from the flesh of the berry.
I am using a small jelly jar I added 1/4 teaspoon of yeast to half a jar of warm water. I will let this sit 24 hours. Then fill the jar up with more warm water. It will set another 24 hours. 

The seed is smaller than tomato see, So I will add a coffee filter to my strainer.
I will then run under water and rinse the seed.
I can let the seed dry on the coffee filter, or transfer to wax paper, paper towel.What ever you prefer to let your seed dry on. The seed will stick more to a paper towel.  But that is not really an issue for me. 
The purpose of this fermentation like process, is to remove the gel coating. It will inhibit the growth of the seed.  
I will let this seed air dry for a week or more. 
I them store it for next years use. 
Labels are important. 
I find if I do not write the name on the filter/jar I will forget what the name was. 

Video 1 is processing ripe berry's / fruit

Video 2 getting seed from an over ripe berry/fruit

Note, The berry's processed in the photo and first video or from The potato plant called Riverwood. 
 Medium-large round Irish potato tubers, white flesh, huge yields, many berry's. Tetraploid. May have a have a high starch and low moisture content, meaning they bake well, are fluffy when mashed and make excellent French fries.
Or turn into a Potato starch or potato flour, made by grinding cooked, dried potatoes, this would be a gluten-free thickening agent. Be careful not to boil a preparation once it has been thickened with potato starch

Riverwood potatoes are very resistant to PVX, PVY and PLRV; good heat tolerance; good processing quality; good combining ability attributes; adapted to lowland tropics
GRIN: PI 607501     Coad: C89.315     CIP 388972.22

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