Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Chosing potatoes to grow in the garden

I know it is fall and time to put the garden to sleep. LOL. I have been ordering and planing next years garden the last month or more. I think I had spring fever all summer long. I was happy with my potato harvest this year. But, I want productive plants.I have seen many Youtube videos showing great harvests in the United Kingdom. Charlotte in one potato, I have been looking to add to my collection. It is the first bag on the left of this photo. These are all 1 pound bags.
You can judge from the tuber that  the potato is a good size for cooking. The Huckleberry potato is close in size.  Skin color is a maroon-beet red and the flesh is dark pink with white marbling.  So this potato may be full of antioxidants. When you find things with colors like purple they somehow have more nutrients and health benefits. So I am also looking to add and keep potatoes like this growing. 

Also I want plants that can produce potato berry's. Because, I want to breed my own potatoes. Or collect seed from them.  If they are tetraploids, nature will take care of them and the bees will pollinate them. But they have a good chance of being male sterile. Like most commercial potatoes,  that do not produce berry's.  Where Diploid requires another plant to cross pollinate with.  They are harder to work with.

I also received Rose Finn Apple fingerling.(beige skin and deep yellow flesh) Even though it is a small potato, it looks like it produces many per a plant.
It is a late-season 105–135 days heirloom variety. I thought would be interesting to try. I have read reviews that they have stored well. So that is another trait I want in my potato collection. 

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