Tuesday, November 24, 2015

More seed potatoes to add to my collection

Purple Peruvian, French Fingerling, 
Ruby Crescent, Russian Banana

Today I added an assortment of fingerling type potatoes to my collection of tubers to grow next summer. I am so happy to have a growing assortment of tubers and TPS seeds. 

Purple Peruvian
I grew some of these last year.  They are mixed up with the exotic potatoes I have. So I bought more to keep them separated this year. 

Russian Banana Fingerling Small 4-5" banana-shaped tubers with light yellow to brown skin and yellow flesh

 It is hard to tell which is which on the red ones.You almost have to cut open to find the specks of red color

French fingerlings 80+ days, mid-season 
red skin with yellow flesh that is specked with red spots
Tubers are larger and more oval in shape than Russian Banana, 

Ruby Crescent  Large fingerling with rose colored skin and yellow flesh

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