Wednesday, November 4, 2015

2 new small tomatoes added to my collection.

Looks like I will be growing some small 2-3 bit size tomatoes next summer. Both are from fellow you tube channels.

Orange Roussollini - Tomato (80 days)
This one Luke was sent seed for from one of his viewers. He put the seed up for sale and I got 2 packs. 
He said this is the sweetest tomato he has ever tasted. It was sent all the way from Italy, a family heirloom. Grows in a very lush bushy plant, with so many fruits per plant! Heart shaped, very prolific producer
. This was sent to MIGardener. I paid $4.48 including shipping.
This is his video showing his harvest. 

The 2nd one is a praxxus cherry tomato. From Praxxus55712
I won it for free on a You tube give away.
It was very kind of him to give to 300+/- people.
He has many videos with this plant in it.

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dude said...

You are lucky to acquire them, I've been trying get my hands on these two sought after varieties as well.

I'm also growing Parkseed's Nectar which also known to be very sweet, however it is a hybrid and the seeds are very expensive (10 for $5).