Monday, July 20, 2009

Calling it quits.

With the new moon showing up tomorrow. It is best not to plant. Get your garden ready to plant fall crop and get pest issues under control. Thursday will be a good day to start planting seed.
I do not think I will be planting a fall crop.
The weather has cooled of here in July. This is not normal.
My crop is failing this year so I think I will just try to maintain what I have.
This Minnesota midget melon is looking good.
But this one has splits.

My first ripe tomato has blossom end rot. And my cherry tomatoes are cracking.
I hope others are having better success than I. Please tell me how your garden is doing.


mrsb said...

Ugh, our first tomato had blossom end rot as well. So disappointing!

Our cukes are doing really well, and the peppers seem to be doing pretty good, but the tomatoes...well I'm hoping for the best. Of course there's big talk of blight in NJ this year, as well. I'm blaming that on the rain as well.

Sue said...

I'm having my worst garden ever-it's been very cold this year, and nothing that loves heat is even growing, let alone producing! My melons, peppers and tomatoes are a disaster. On the bright side, my lettuce, spinach, potatoes and onions are loving it!

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

ome day
fly away
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miss*R said...

the winter vegies here are struggling too... I think it is time we changed tactics in the garden.. not follow what the books say but be more aware of what Mother Nature says.

Jenn Jilks said...

I love the posts. I am comforted that others are having garden issues, too!

Thanks for visiting My Muskoka!

Pink Heels said...

My garden has been struggling this summer also. The cool weather and rain hasn't been ideal conditions. Normally, I would be able to pick melons and tomatoes but this year, the melon vines are just starting to blossom and I only have the beginnings of green tomatoes. While I could choose to be disappointed, my sister reminded me that I will be fortunate because I'll have fresh summer vegetables in the fall!

miss*R said...

hope all is well with you Grammy xo
Full Moon coming up xo

Nickie said...

Here in Colorado we plant the end of May... However June and the begining of July were not as warm as usual. Our garden is behind, some things just "kicking in" but am not sure of what crop we will have. Everything is just starting to produce and it is August....