Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Feast or famine

This years rain has recked havoc on the garden.
Some of the tomato leaves have returned to yellow with spots.
Some leaves have wilted and turned brown.
This is blight. Caused by to much rain.
The news going around calls is "late blight." Even though it is early in the season.
I have fought and though I won this battle in spring.
The tomato plants are over 5 ft tall with fruit developing.
Now look.
I have been pulling leaves and disposing of them.
I have mulch on the ground. But I think I need an umbrella over them to keep them dry.
The cauliflower has so many holes .
The cabbage butterfly moth has had lunch.It is circled in red.
Along with this the caterpillars. and all his friends.
the is no hope for the leaves to cover the heads
This is my potato harvest for today.
On the brighter side. The mushrooms look enchanting.
Todays harvest.
Tomorrows hope is a organic mix of 1 garlic bulb boiled in 1 quart water for 20 minutes. 1 teaspoon red pepper and some ivory soap. To to make a home make insect repellent. Wish me luck.


Steve Ballmer said...

Everything looks so goooooood!

mrsb said...

Our cucumbers are going crazy, but no red tomatoes yet! Such a strange season.

Sue said...

How about a trade-I'll give you some of my sun, if you give me a bit of your rain???

angela said...

It is so hard fighting mother nature to try and get a good crop. But we keep on trying. Hope it all works out for you with the homemade spray.

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

keep the faith herb garden on porch too wet for anytghing else
we must start eating the bugs