Sunday, September 6, 2015

Growing potato onions

This year I ordered red, white and yellow potato onions from Canada. The look like small onion sets. I will plant them in different areas of the yard. They are perennial onions the divide, One onion will tun into many onions. Like planting potato tubers one grows more. Except these are not planted deep like potatoes. They are planted near the surface and mulched over a bit to go thew winter.
This video I will show you what received. It includes  The Egyptian walking onion and some hard neck garlic to.

I also ordered (TOPS) True onion potato seeds  I will start them indoors this Jan or Feb. Then plant outside in Spring. They will become the seed stock for the following year.

What I ordered is an open pollinated mix of Coral mountain, White Mountain and Green Mountain potato onions. These varieties are known to produce on average tennis ball size onions.

 See this video for more information on potato onions.

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