Friday, September 25, 2015

Extracting seed from my potato berrys.

The long awaited day has come and gone, Here is a video I did on how I harvested the seed from my berry's.I collected about 50 TPS seed
Right now I have 2 more potato plants in bloom. It would be nice to see them produce berry's too.

I cringe  when i see people post photos, wanting to know what that fruit is on there plant. And people reply "They are poisonous, and tell them to dispose of them. " Yes they are if you eat them. But so are many other plants. They are meant to harvest the seed and create new breeds of potatoes. Not food. I wish more people would try to grow from seed. It is fun to see what develops..

Please note: This video is how I did this.
There are other ways. Like with tomatoes. You remove the seed and ferment.
Some people add yeast to help ferment.
Some put there berry's in a blender to break them up.
But I prefer just to open the berry and remove the seed like you would do a tomato.

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