Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Growing Luffa sponges

This is such a fun plant to grow. It is a long vine, that throws off side shoots.
I have 2 plants on each end of a 16 foot cattle panel. The panel is 4 foot tall. This plant was started back in March of 2015. I planted the seed indoors. This was 6 months ago. I found it did not take off till we had some heat in our environment.Most of this summer are rain every day and cooler than normal temps for Missouri.  We had a few days of upper 90's in Aug, Over 32+ Celsius.

Now that it is almost fall. The days are getting shorter. This plant has finally started producing fruit. I am in a day neutral climate. So I am lucky to get some to grow to maturity. This plant takes an extra long time in my area. Where is sub tropical southern climates. The would already have  fruit or harvested them. This is said to be 180-200 day crop. Producing 20-26 per a vine. If you watch my video, you will see I have 4+ growing. Now I have 7, and 3 more baby ones started.

This is closely related to the cucumber. A member of the squash family.

 I did not know till recentlt, there are 2 or more types of Luffa
(common luffa) (Luffa cylindrica or Lulls aegyptiaca ) grown for its one- to two-foot-long edible gourds

Luffa acutangula's blossoms unfold in the evening.

 Lulls aegyptiaca open in the morning sun.) I have this type.

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