Monday, April 4, 2016

What do you need to know to start a garden?

 I am going to do a number of posts and videos to help the beginning gardener get started.  In this first post. I will post questions for you to think about and answer.

1. What planting zone are you in? Look at this map if you do not know the answer.
 The map has changed my part of Missouri from 5b to 6a.
our last frost date is still April 15.
You can look up the date for your area here.

Now that you know when it is safe to plant.

2. What do you want to grow?
For your first garden keep it simple.
3. What do you like to eat?
 Pick an area to plant
2.Where do you want to place your garden?
   2.b.Is there enough sun there?
3. Do you want to grow in the ground or containers?
  3.b. Maybe both?

4. How much money do you want to spend?
 keep the cost low, and build up your garden year by year is the best choice.  Maybe start with a few tomato plants. Peppers, beans and potatoes. Lettuce? Corn needs more room. I think there are around 28 seeds in a normal packet of corn seed. 

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