Thursday, February 18, 2016

Growing TPS true potato seeds 2015

CHIAR CHOQUE PITU leaves, tuber,berry and seeds from 2015

This year I am going to keep better records on here. That way I can refer back to see how they did.

On Feb 11 , 2016  In grow bag number one, I placed 6 seeds on top of the cocoa coir.from (PI 604207 CHIAR CHOQUE PITU) (Origin Bolivia)  It is a primitive (cultivar - curtilobum).  It is a euploid pentaploid potato meaning it has  5 sets of parents [2 n =5 x =60 chromosomes) Which is found in wild potatoes.

Note:  Most commercial potatoes are a tetraploid 4 parents. (2n = 4x = 48)  
Where a diploid has 2 parents ( 2n=24) or hexaploid (has 6n=72)
 Humans, are a diploid species, n = 23. A typical human somatic cell contains 46 chromosomes: 2 complete haploid sets, which make up 23. 

I spray a mist of water 2 or 3 times a day on them. Today, Feb 18, 2016. I find 3 of 6 seeds sprouted.  Here is a close up of one of them.
1 of 3 seeds sprouted today.

My room and soil temperature is 70-74f at times. But seed can germinate in temps as low as 60. They prefer a lower temp at night but, not going to happen in my house. I have put a CFL grow light over then tonight. They are also in a south facing window. It is important to have light when they sprout, for leaf and stem development. It is also important to use sterile soil. I made the mistake last year of using a commercial seed starting mix. I has dropping syndrome and fungus all over one of the containers. I found no issue with the grow bags I made using cocoa coir.  The plants came out healthy and stronger.

 Feb 14, planted the rest of the bags
Bag 2 has Mount St Helen in the front and Pam Wagner 3 seeds in back.  Both are tom Wagner seeds. 2014
Bag 3 Has touch down 12 seeds
Bag 4 has 6 seeds of Chaucha Amarillo inn front
6 seeds Purple Vally in the back
Bag 5 has  6-8 seeds Tollocan front. Back has a mix 10 seeds of 320370 or poor dog. Last year the package of seeds got wet. so both of these were mixed together to dry.
Bag 6 has UKS 12 seeds. 

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