Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Trying new seeds

This years garden will be full of many new things from around the world.

I ordered bitter melon on the 28th of April. I did not realize it was coming from China. It arrived on the 16th of May. I only planted 2 seeds for now. Not sure how productive the plant will be. So I will add one the the ground also. I do this for seed identification also. I was interested in this plant because of what I read about it being good for people with diabetic conditions. But after further research. I have learned you must pic and eat it before it is fully ripe. It is toxic when it turns orange. I should have done more research on it before purchasing. But I am glad I learned more before I just grew and ate with out knowledge.
I planted a sampling of seed I still need to put in the garden. This year I have many special things, I never grew before. I am so thankful for the internet.  It opens our eyes to knew food from all over the world. I was lucky to get seed for the kajari melon too. It is from India. But I did not know I would receive treated seed, Something the government requires to stop import of insect or virus. I assume this is not required from all country's. Because the bitter melon, was not treated seed. 
Update, June 3, 2015
Many of the seeds are sprouted and read to transplant soon.

The photo above is of the (TPS) True potato seeds. I started the seed back in March. And transplanted to the garden bed this month. They are really happy to be in the ground. Even with all the rain here in Missouri. They are growing fast. But no where near as fast as planing pull sprouts and tubers. But that is ok. I love all the different variety's. I will have a multitude of colors.
Update 6-10-2015
many of the TPS plants are ready to bloom. They are 14-18 inches tall.

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angela said...

You are going to have a magnificent harvest this year