Friday, March 13, 2015

Growing true potato seed TPS

TPS True Potato seeds come from a fruit that develops of some potatoes.
They are like a small tomato in size. But not edible. You collect the seed from the fruit to grow new plants next year. I will write more about the fruit when my potato plants develop there this summer or fall. 

On March 7, 2015 I placed 1 seed in each cup. Planting 4 cups of each potato seed. The cups contain a sterile seed starter mix.
Tom Wagner Seeds
On March 13 all 4 cups of what is called 320370 sprouted and 1 cup with Muru
I placed a grow light over them to start greening them up. I will keep them moist as they could take 3 weeks to sprout.

I planted more of them today.These were spread from top to bottom in rows.True potato seed need to be started around the same time as tomato seed. Which is about 8 weeks before they are put in there place out side. They will be taken out when the weather is nice to get them use to real sunlight. And outdoor conditions. I do not have a green house, so they are kept under grow lights indoors. 

My other potato sprouts are doing well also
Sprout started from tuber
My first sprouts were placed in the ground yesterday the 212th of March. The ground temperature was in the high 40's, at a level of 6-7 inched deep. Out side temps were in the 60's. But I put a bird net over them And keep a shade cloth on them at night and Today we had rain. I kept them covered. 

Temp was 49-55f. .3/8 inches of rain. 
Potato seed planted
320370 potato,
Diamond, Toro potato, Tetraploid A blue skin, blue fleshed potato
Muru potato, Tetraploid large, late season, blues, blue and white, or white. Some russets.
Poor dog potato,
Skagit valley gold potato, Diploid
Blue doll,  Tetraploid Round Blue with mostly blue flesh.

Tom Wagner seed, TPS, True botanical potato seed, True Potato Seed

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