Monday, August 4, 2014

Tomato suprise

We had a carnival held in our local fair grounds, last week. Parking for some was in the field behind out home. Normally this is not an issue. But I went out on Friday to find all of my tomatoes that were near the stage of ripe missing. It will be more than a week for the little ones left to grow and ripen. I was so sad. This is the first bounty I have ever had at this house. My no dig straw bail garden was successful. I told a local friend about this. And they surprised me with this. A very large head of cabbage, A very large Zucchini, 4 cucumbers.
 3 Tomato variety: Largest is beef master or steak. Roma &  Small German Lunch Box ((Heirloom)). Salad tomato. Red-skinned, egg-shaped, thin skinned; sweet. 62 days. Determinate.
I plan to save seeds from them to add to my collection.
I feel so happy just to have this many. As now at least I have some to eat. But I do not think,  I will get enough from my garden to store for the winter. I am so happy I was able to see a bounty in my garden though. They were beautiful! And I will now plan next years garden to include: some sort of fencing. And early netting to prevent the plants from being cut in half. This year was a struggle. But I am not giving up. Next year will be better.

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