Thursday, May 22, 2014

Garden in a bag

I did this the first time, back in 2008.
This way of gardening was so easy. No digging or weeds to worry about. I bought cheap topsoil bags, and added composted manure & peat to them. This time I paid 50c more per a bag for better topsoil. And just added a small amount of manure in the hole for the tomatoes and watermelon. They like a bit more fertility than this bag had already.You need to remember to water in the bag and not on the plant. Tomato leaves to not like allot of water on them. It can cause blight. Watermelons like moist rich soil.

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First break up the soil in the bag a bit. The cut an x on the back. flip over to make contact with the soil. You can lay news paper down first. I had some straw on the ground. Cut or poke holes in the bags and plant seed or plants. Space according to there needs. Like no more than 2 tomatoes to a bag. 1 watermelon with a companion that does not take allot of wide root space.

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